Our Experts

Jenny Huntley

Stylist / Owner

After completing her cosmetology studies at the Michigan Pivot Point Beauty School and getting her license, Jenny worked as a stylist at several hairdressing salons, including Heidi’s and with the prestigious Mark Douglas in Shelby Township.  Although the experience was valuable, she soon had the urge to run her own salon so that ideas on improving service and introducing the latest styles could be put into practice.

In September 2001, Jenny took over the hair salon in the Chelsea shopping mall where the Michigan Secretary of State’s office is located.  The clientele grew and when in April 2003 a larger place became available in the new Chelsea Courtyard mall, Jenny moved her business there.

The enthusiasm for hair styling creativity which first attracted Jenny to the profession has never diminished, and she avidly studies the haircare magazines, visits the industry’s styling web-sites and stays attuned to the buzz at Mid-West hair shows. 

Her specialties are
       Color and Highlights
       Razor Cuts
       Flat Tops
       Special Perms.
Above all, Jenny loves a challenge.

If her client indicates an openness to suggestions, Jenny never misses the opportunity to offer alternatives which suit the client’s hair texture, hair length, lifestyle and personality.  Whether the requirement is for a low maintenance style or for elegance, Jenny brings that magic touch to the haircare process.  The result is a client who gets compliments on a fresh and younger look. 

However, not all clients are looking for change.  Since Anthony at age 6 first came to Jenny for his hair cut, he has been returning monthly for the same.  Now at age 16, he still gets precisely that same specific style of cut.  He likes it that way, and that’s what counts.



Mary has been a stylist for 42 years.  Graduating Cosmetology school in 1969, she worked at a salon on campus of U 0f M before moving to Plymouth Road at Mr. Reid's  Beauty Salon.  After 19 years, Mary then relocated to downtown Chelsea and worked at 107 Hair Design until 3 years ago, when she came to Chelsea Hair Styling.

Mary enjoys keeping her clients happy with fresh shampoo and sets, blow drys, cuts, perms, colors and doing specialty up-do's.  During the past 20 years, Mary has volunteered as the hairstylist for The Chelsea Area Players.  "I enjoyed the challenge to do "period"  hairstyles for  plays or designing a special wig, like the ones for the "Wardrobe & Luminiere "  in Beauty and the Beast "



Stephanie has been a licensed cosmetologist since August 2000. During her Junior and Senior years at highschool, she attended Huron Valley Beauty
Academy and participated in the Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA ) competitions for hairstyling as well as leadership.

Stephanie has been employed at Chelsea Hairstyling since June of 2001, while also working within the community as a volunteer, giving her time for associations such as Faith in Action and the Chelsea Library Prom Dress Exchange.  She has discovered that helping Chelsea’s teenagers prepare for the great Prom night is sheer excitement and fun.

When it comes to hair, Stephanie loves to be creative.  Valued clients return again and again, seeking her creativity and recommendations.  Given the great range of color, styles and cuts, which, they ask, will work best for today’s mood and occasion ?  Thirteen years have passed quickly, and during those years Stephanie has been called upon frequently by the younger generation to offer advice on life’s many problems, including some even more complicated and consequential than a hair style.  But it has given her the opportunity to observe with great satisfaction the maturing process from children to aspiring college students. 

Stephanie also enjoys attending hair shows, and loves to see new styles capture the wave of current popularity, as well as noting some of the old styles come back into fashion.  The best part of her day, however, is putting a smile on a client’s face.  “All in all”, she says, “I feel blessed to be a part of the Chelsea community and of Chelsea Hair Styling”.